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haven't been here in a while

facebook kinda killed live journal huh?

Adult Responce

I want to help as much as I can but I don't want to be taking on others responsibilities.

That's business speak for:

This is not my motherfucking job.

So yeah, Work is good.

creativity is a blah

I need to get stabbed... well maybe not stabbed but man I'm sick of this monotony, its all so bland. I need something to happen, i need to make something happen, i need to do something different. I have been in a funky zone for too long. I have my biggest project, well biggest collaborative project, in the works and I'm in this mood of blah. I want to go for a walk but all the destinations are blah. Maybe i just need to eat right and exercise. maybe exercise is the key, ever since winter hit i haven't been able to skate, and i would skate every day.

Tomorrow ill go snowboarding.


If i get in a car crash tonight blame my grandmother.

New Art Project

ODST Pin Up Girls.

Pin up girls with an ODST theme.
-Wearing helmets
-Using helmet to cover themselves
-Wielding weapons
-Posing with Vehicles

All that good stuff, I think it could be rather cool, I might do them as stencils, layered so you wouldn't know that they are stencils.
Pretty big too, at most 4' tall canvas.

Lets see how far i run with this.

I'm gonna need a new anatomy book = )

Round 2

Tonight is going to be the 2nd production meeting/ rehearsal. Its all going well, too well actually, they have no concerns and hardly any comments on my design. I worry that at the last moment they will realize what i have planned and change everything. Ill go into some great length to describe how worried i am if i happen to catch you in RL (real life). for now i need to buy a manly McMan watch, puss n' boots just doesn't say "professional" like it used to.

And I'm on the market for some kickin new glasses! i found one pair that intrigued me, faux wood grain with a stylish cool shape, unlike anything i have seen before, only they were too small.

Off to my meeting!

Been Workin

The SMG is going smoothly. All the paper is glued together. Next step Resin, then cut in half, resin, fiberglass, add weight, and more resin to put the pieces back together. Then it will be ready to detail and paint.

I used at most 5 small 4 inch glue sticks, I'm glad i didn't buy an extra bag.

Not the most flattering Pic but I didn't want to use the Facebook pic twice.

I can haz discipline?

I am completely lacking discipline; I realized that today on my drive home from another group meeting. I’m doing my share of the work for our project and then some and I don’t feel like I could be doing more unless I starting doing other peoples work. With the theatre I’m doing far more than would ever be asked of me, I’m working way more hours than I can even be paid for and I get everything done on time, but when it comes to simple things like being organized it all just falls apart. I know I can be doing more with everyday so that’s what I’m going to do. I need to stop waiting for things to get so bad that I need a list of what to do, when I want to do something I’ll just get up and do it, after writing this I’m going to clean my room, I keep putting it off because it will take less than 5 min, see how that works? I put off putting my door panel on because it wouldn’t take long. Difficult tasks I thrive at and simple ones I put off. Maybe I need to stop spending so much time in my head and quit coming up with 8 bit philosophies. I just need to get shit done and stop over thinking everything. If everything were legitimately difficult maybe then I would strive to accomplish everything at once. This whole definition of self thing needs to stop or at the very least slow down.

How does one acquire discipline? I imagine one must be forced into it for the best effect but can the choice be just as effective?


I feel obliged to post since it has been so long. Struck the set from Fortinbras tonight, it went way smoother and faster than i thought it would. I read the script for Light up the Sky and i realized i don't know what i want out of building this set, i think to start with it was an opportunity that would be stupid to turn down and that i wanted to see if i could really "do it". Getting connections with people is good to, i guess what i really want is stuff on my resume to transfer to MNSU Mankato and get my BFA. I want to work in CINEMA! not yet of course but EVENTUALLY! IDEA! i list of stuff to get going!

- Buy a memory card for camera (to take pictures for portfolio)
- Update Resume (send out resume to ALL OF THE THEATRES BWA HA HA HA)
- Get more exposure (doing it right now)

(and then some! i actually forgot i was writing this while i was contacting my instructor from Normandale and Rick (awesome Prop Master)

well I'm gonna do that now, this post is over! I'm too busy!

OH and create, print, and distribute a business card! its all about the connections!

The Big Idea

I only want to be a stage designer / prop master. that's it.

Here is what i want to do, take one course at a time while working in the theatre shop as a student worker. I would continue getting my AA one class at a time so the classes i take can get my full attention and I can focus on my future with FULL attention. I will work at theatres in the area building my portfolio at the same time. so really its about working with theatres in the area and then school. Once I'm done with my AA (which is not much longer) Will suggested MNSU, the long term goal is a BFA. (offered at MNSU)

For now I need to start working on this stage design for Starting Gate, because if its good i can get more work, so i don't want to get screwed because I was spending my time writing a paper on clouds.

As far as staying on moms insurance, Will says that because I'm a student worker and ill be in class, that as long as I'm working as many hours as a full-time student its the same. Ill get together with mom and see about that this weekend.

BTW, if you didn't know i will be designing a set for Starting Gate at the Mounds Theatre. It will be opening this winter! YAY!

Essentially, nothing big is changing it will just help me get more focused and give me more time to work in other theaters building my portfolio, I'm very excited. I have had to turn down opportunities to work with other theaters because of my classes.

I really really like this plan.



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